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This is a community deticated to the website The Cobra Snake.

Joining this community means that you enjoy the site, admire those photographed, like the wicked fashion, or are intrigued by the whole "scene". Or more!

Note: I am in NO way associated with Mark and/or The Cobra Snake website. Contact Mark via the site with any questions/concerns you have for him.

corykennedyy For fans of Cory Kennedy.
jacksonnnn For fans of Jackson Pollis.
mickey_avalon For fans of Mickey Avalon.
youngdevils For discussion on the cobrasnake kids, fashion, mary-kate, etc.

If you would like to be affiliates, drop me a line.

*NOTE: Check the memories. They are frequently updated.

-You may post pictures you enjoy from the site, but please resize them if you can. Post more than 1 picture under a cut. If you cannot resize them, place them under a cut as well.

-Please make sure what you are posting (whether it be pictures, videos, news, etc.) hasn't already been posted.

-Don't hotlink! That means from The Cobra Snake Website or from other users. We don't want the pictures dying on us, do we?

-Absolutely NO promoting other communities. If you try, I will just delete the post. (You can, however, ask to be an affiliate).

-Icon and other graphic posts are fine, but please keep them to a minimum. There are plenty of great icon communities you can join if that's what you want to do.

-As the mod I have the right to decide what qualifies as a relevant post. If I feel like your post is not right for this particular community, I may delete it. It is not my intent to hurt you or be a "nazi mod". I just would like the community to stay on topic and be a cool place for members to join.

-Drama is nearly inevitable, but if it gets out of hand (to the point of disrespecting or hurting another member to a threatening level) you will recieve a warning. If it still continues, you will be BANNED. Just keep the community fun, guys. :)